Starting Bingo

Some things to consider!

Rules and Regulations:

What are the required State, Local and Federal Regulations?
Be sure and visit your state website for information on starting your bingo.



Size depends on desired or expected attendance.  You should plan on 5000 – 25000 square feet.

Smoking and non-smoking control * Quality sound system * Adequate lighting * Clean restrooms with plenty of stalls * Sufficient HVAC System * Snack bar facilities * Good tables and chairs * Refuse containers * Bingo equipment (Blower, Boards, Video Monitors, etc.) * Ample storage for each charitable organization * Adequate space for organizations to sell products * Sufficient electrical power * Well lighted and safe parking * Handicap accessible

Session / Games:

Determine needed equipment * Determine total giveaway $$$ * Individual game giveaway $$$ * Individual game patterns, types, numbers and colors * Profit after expenses, labor, supplies, etc. * Method and assignment of accounting and reports *

There are several product suppliers with many varied prices and quality.

Deal with experienced – honest – licensed distributors.